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Jaymark Malloy (Joshua Mallory)
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I'm a gamer and a writer from Mid-Missouri, a lover of competition and tranquility. I'm married to the lovely gamer-gal speakssoftly. I am shy, but fiercely loyal to my friends. I don't actively seek out problems to fix, but I try my best to comfort and protect in my own small way. I sympathize easily, trust easily, and love easily, and I accept nearly everyone who will accept me.

Here's the short list of my eclectic credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts in English; Composition emphasis
Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies
Interdisciplinary Minor in Women and Gender Studies
Nearly three decades of experience with video games, board games, card games, roleplaying games, and video game trivia.
About a decade of amateur acting experience (currently inactive).
Years of writing prose and poetry.
5 years of professional computer tinkering, and a few years of amateur tinkering before and after that.
8 years of enterprise systems computer programming (Java and misc).

As a Computer Scientist, I enjoy rules, logic, and order. As a Writer, I love stories, descriptions, and passion. I love to read and write. I believe in compassion, kindness, and (most of all) understanding. I'm a practiced devil's advocate. Sometimes I wear my feelings on my sleeve, and other times I hide behind a dull mask of indifference. I'm poetic in a prosy way. I have a passion for deep, loaded words, precision, and creative obfuscation. I love rhythm and timing, which leaves me hanging when I have something to say but the perfect moment has passed.

My Live Journal account is old and it features a weird mix of personal anecdotes, opinions on games, movies, anime, and whatnot, and deeper philosophical issues. I started it in college, and it petered out some after I graduated, but I still claim it. It's grown and changed, much as I have. If you find me interesting, feel free to friend me.

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